Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes:

Now possible to press "ESC" to skip the intro

No way to get out of GameOver Screen -> Fixed
Added retry, Mainmenu and Exit options to the Gameover menu

Cursor was visible during gameplay -> Fixed
Now invisible during gameplay

Player could walk on the floor -> Fixed
If player falls to the floor, its Gameover

Right UI Bar that indicates love level at the park was being filled from right to left -> Fixed
Now fills from bottom-up

When you shoot the woman in a couple, she get's closer to the man -> Fixed.
The woman now backs off

Couldn't reveal the center of the map before -> Fixed
Increased fog of war radius so it encompasses the center of the map 

Shoot Effect playing everytime BroomRiding mode ends -> Fixed
Not anymore

Smilies were visible even when covered by fog of war -> Fixed
Smilies are now invisible if under fog of war

Some Couples were being Covered by the terrain, and thus unshootable -> Fixed
Now all Couples are visible to the player - if not under fog of war
Camera behaves strangely after canceling BroomRiding mode -> Fixed
Now works properly


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Feb 25, 2019

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